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Discover Your Strengths and Achieve Success

I provide executive coaching for professionals who are looking to take their leadership skills to the next level. I am experienced in identifying and overcoming obstacles that may be holding you back in your career.  I take a holistic approach to coaching, working with you to find solutions to both personal and professional challenges. I specialize in helping you uncover and address any potential dysfunction that may be hindering your success.
Christine Padaric, Owner, Senior Executive Coach

Who I Work With

My coaching is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners

  • CEO & C-Suite

  • Executives & Directors

  • Senior & General Managers

  • New Leaders & High Performers

  • Those in the contemplation phase

  • Anyone serious about transformation

  • Life challenges including relationships, substance use, kids, confidence, grief, etc.

I am located in Waterloo, Ontario.  The majority of coaching is performed online or by phone.  I work with individuals throughout North America.

Christine Padaric, Owner, Senior Coach

What I Can Offer You

Achieve Your Goals

Overcome feelings of overwhelm, stress, frustration and anxiety

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Control mood swings

Change your mindset

Think more confidently

Develop Effective Communication Skills

Learn how you communicate and how to communicate with others

Boost Your Confidence

Overcome imposter syndrome

Be vulnerable

Personalized Coaching Plan

Establish your personal Values

Focus on yourself 

Waterloo Coaching Clinic offers a confidential service that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. With my proven track record of success, you can trust me to help you achieve your potential.

Christine is an amazing coach and a beautiful human being. She is generously present during our sessions and I am so grateful for her guidance in navigating this chapter of my life.

- Peggy K.

Christine is a fantastic executive coach! She has provided me with detailed approaches on how I can consider very difficult and challenging situations. Christine is very engaged in providing her clients with support and guidance that will help them be successful in their pursuits. I would highly recommend Christine, and look forward to my continued engagement with her!

 ~ Andrea K.

When I applied for a new position at work last year, I was able to anticipate the change in duties, in administration, and in reporting. What I had not anticipated was that this new job was part of the executive team at our multi-national corporation. While I had worked ‘office’ jobs for most of my adult life, rarely had I interacted with the executive. I could do the work; I wasn’t confident in myself enough in myself to do the job, though.

I quickly learned that this meant more than a simple change in dress code. That was when I reached out to Christine.  She helped me find the confidence to not only speak up in client- and director-level meetings by communicating professionally but also to build bridges and seek opportunities for improvement across multiple organisations and stakeholders, too.

~Mor M.

One of the things I like most about working with Christine is her ability to ask questions to really make me think differently. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I started working with Christine to help with productivity, efficiencies, distractions and goals. I have witnessed noticeable improvements in all these areas and feel I am on my way to achieving what I set out to accomplish. Always very friendly and personable, I highly recommend working with Christine to help you get to where you want to go.

~ Dan I.

Christine is a fantastic coach. She is such a great listener and advisor. I really do trust her input regarding my personal and professional development and I will continue to reach out to Christine in the future if I need support. I highly recommend Christine if you are looking for guidance and strategizing your next steps! Thank you Christine :)

~ Emma E.

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