Waterloo Coaching

Christine Padaric is the owner of Waterloo Coaching Clinic.

She is an Executive/Life Coach with over 25 years of Human Resource Professional experience working in the private and public sectors. Christine enjoys creative arts and crafts and summers at the cottage, enjoying sunshine and sunsets! She loved working and talking with people in HR and always encouraged both management and staff to reach their potential. Christine gets great satisfaction from helping others realize their own superpower.

Waterloo Coaching

“Our mission is to help professionals achieve their goals and dreams through coaching. Whether it's career transition, developing new skills, or simply gaining clarity on what you want out of life, we can help. Our vision is to be the leading provider of coaching services in Canada.”

Achieving your goals doesn't have to be difficult. Waterloo Coaching Clinic can help make it easy for you with our variety of services tailored specifically for achieving success.

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